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Miscellaneous professional liability

Sometimes you freelance

It seems like everyone has a side hustle. Get covered if you do 1099 work.

Get a quote in under 10 minutes with an agent

Person freelancing at home

Protect yourself with freelancing insurance*

*Also known as miscellaneous professional liability insurance

If you need extra money

1 in 3 people are freelancing and they earned $1 trillion last year

If you work
from home

1 in 20 were served with lawsuits in the last year

If you do work with a contract

Folks such as: consultants, designers, copywriters, developers, and more

If you get sued by your client

Covers legal fees and judgements from disputes in your work

If you have clients

Big clients often require that you carry liability insurance

Work from home?

Easy insurance for your stuff, even when it leaves the apartment.


There were 91 million 1099s in 2014

Most contract workers wouldn’t describe themselves as having jobs at all, they have businesses.

Questions? We’ve got some answers.

Here’s answers to some of our most frequent questions.
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What happens if your client takes you to court?

How to set your freelance business up for success

What if you use flexible office space?

FYI: Coverages + Terms

Surround's freelancing insurance, also known as Miscellaneous Professional Liability, covers errors or omissions in providing a service or failure to provide a service in a timely fashion or at all.

Professional Liability

This is a type of liability coverage designed to protect people working for themselves/who own their own business* against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing their professional services. There are a few exceptions for professions that are licensed (physicians, architects, and lawyers, etc.). This does not cover bodily injury and property damage claims.

*Examples: Mobile app design, career or executive coaching, computer programing, copywriting, document design and preparation, event planning, freelance tutoring or teaching (adults only), freelance writing, graphic design, interior design (consulting only), landscape design (consulting only), management or business consulting, market research, marketing or branding services, media planning, recruiting, translation, virtual assistant services, website design

More coverages from Surround

NOA Insurance

Follows you on rented and
borrowed cars.

Starts at $53 a month

Apartment Insurance

Protects your stuff. Also covers you in an accident in your apartment.

Starts at $53 a month

Biking Insurance

Covers you from injuries and your bikes if stolen.

Starts at $18 a month

Find the Pack plan that's right for you

Best Value

Non owner auto, apartment renters, biking, and professional liability insurances bundled to reflect your lifestyle.

★ Most popular

Non owner auto and renters insurance for people who drive rented or borrowed cars, bike, and rent an apartment.

Non owner auto insurance for when you drive rented or borrowed cars for personal use.

Not sure where to start?
Use our configurator to find the best combo of insurance just for you.

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