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Surround Insurance FAQs

  • About us
    We're a digital-first insurance agency serving people whose live their lives by breaking the mold. Creatives, grad students, professionals living in the city? We've got you! We deliver delightful technology experiences backed up by the smartest insurance advisors if you want to text, call or email with a question. We invite you to try to stump us with your weirdest insurance question. Whether you drive a car you own, or borrow, share and rent; live in an appartment, a condo, or a rowhouse; travel locally, or around the world, we've got coverage for you.
  • What kind of insurance products do you sell?
    We sell a mix of traditional and non traditional insurance products that fit modern lifestyles. Our mobility products include non owner auto policies, long term rental car or car subscription coverage, and regular auto insurance, too. Our home products include renters insurance (including to satisfy your landlord), condo policies, and homeowners insurance. Other products we are in the process of adding (and may already have in some states!) include travel, pet, and freelancing coverages. We also maintain a network of relationships with specialty agencies and insurance companies throughout the US. If we don't have what you need, we can probably find someone to help you.
  • Do you sell insurance in my state?
    Right now we're licensed in 30 states, and we expect to reach almost 90% of the US population by mid 2023.
  • What do you do with my data?
    We keep your data safe and secure, and only use it to talk to you about your options and to quote and sell insurance to you. You can see our privacy policy here.
  • How do I get in touch with you?
    Up to you! • You can text or call us at 617-206-1314 • Email us at • Use our contact form
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We help smart people find insurance that fits your life. Set up a meeting today to chat with one of our agents.


Or if you prefer calling or direct emailing:

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