Buying insurance sucks.

Not having insurance when something goes wrong is even worse.

Have you tried buying insurance lately?

We did. We answered a million questions again and again so we could buy more than one kind of insurance.


And, no joke: We're insurance professionals. We still couldn't answer some questions.


Do these insurance companies even know who they're talking to?




Insurance products have a storied history,

but they are stuck in the past

If you’re a city-living professional, traditional insurance products are a really bad fit.


   • What if you don’t own a car, but you drive?

   • Have a freelance gig and a corporate job?

   • Can’t run your life without your cell phone?

is different

We started from what you need as a someone who thrives on life in the city and isn’t tied down by a car or a condo right now.


That led us to build a
starter pack of insurance for life in the city - 
a single subscription that's lightning fast to buy.


And when something goes wrong, making a

claim is just as easy.


• We pay for any injuries or damage you cause when you are driving someone else's car


• We pay for your injuries, damage to your stuff, and lost wages if you are a passenger 

involved in a car accident and the driver(s) have less insurance than Surround provides


• Same deal if you are hit by a car while you’re

walking, running or biking.




• We pay for injuries to guests and damage to their stuff if there's an accident in your apartment


• We cover your belongings anywhere in the world. 


• For your professional side gig, if you get sick and can’t finish a contract, or just can’t make your client happy and they sue you, we’ll cover you.

• This applies to professional freelance work that doesn’t require a license. So, yes to consulting, strategy work, graphic design, etc. No to lawyers, insurance agents, architects, etc.

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