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Auto insurance for people who drive rented and borrowed cars


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Surround saves you money at the car rental counter, follows you when you borrow a car, keeps your landlord happy, and a whole lot more.

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“I don’t own a car, so I used to pay $25 a day for car rental liability insurance to protect me. Paired with my credit card, Surround allows me to “decline” the overpriced insurance options from Zipcar and Enterprise.”

Ben G, Cambridge, MA

“There are so many different types of insurance and decisions to make. Surround Starter Packs made it easy for me to figure out what I needed to get insured for driving, renting, and freelancing.”

Josee M, Allston, MA

Driving insurance (also known as non owner car insurance) offers a whole lot more


Saves you money

Stop paying for $25 a day liability insurance at the car rental counter


Totally portable

Feel peace of mind knowing you’re covered as the driver of a rented or borrowed car


More than minimum

Car rental and car sharing companies include state minimum insurance. Surround includes $100,000 of liability coverage


Walking + Biking coverage

Driving insurance covers bodily industries if you're hit by a driver with no or not enough insurance--even as a pedestrian or bicyclist

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Covered whenever you drive

Normally, car insurance follows the car. Surround's driving insurance, also called non-owner car insurance, follows you and helps you out if you're in a collision with another vehicle. 

This kind of insurance covers injuries and property damage caused to others while driving someone else’s car.

Frequently asked questions

We know insurance can be confusing. You probably have loads of questions, so let’s get you started on the basics.

What does driving insurance cover?

  • Expensive emergency room, hospital, and doctor bills if you are driving a car and cause an accident that hurts someone else.
  • Your own costly medical bills if you are a passenger involved in a car accident.
  • Damage to property you hit while driving a rental car.
  • Medical bills (including health insurance deductibles) and lost wages if you are hit by some awful driver when you are running, skateboarding, cycling, walking your dog, etc.

I don’t have car insurance. What do I do when I book a car share?

The three main coverages that you need to be protected when driving a car share are:

  • Liability (LIS) – covers the cost of damage or injuries that you cause in a car accident
  • Collision (CDW) - covers the cost of damage to the vehicle you're driving due to an accident
  • Personal Accident / Personal Property (PAI/PEC) - accident coverage provides renter and renter's passengers with accidental death, accident medical expenses and ambulance expense benefits while property coverage insures the personal items of the renter

Is it safe to drive someone else's car if I don't have insurance?

In short: if you don't have your own auto insurance, you'll be covered by your friend's auto insurance, assuming they've kept their policy up to date. Coverage can vary and you may be liable for some costs if you get in an accident. A non-owned auto policy like that available through Surround's starter pack will cover you

Can I rent a car without auto insurance?

Depending on your state, rental cars either come with no insurance at all or the state minimum auto liability insurance. Damage to the rental car or your own property, as well as medical and vehicle repair bills for the other person beyond any minimal liability provided, won’t be covered. If you don’t have your own auto insurance, you can purchase additional coverage through the car rental company, get certain coverages through your credit card, or purchase a non-owned auto insurance policy.

Doesn’t my credit card include auto insurance for rental cars?

Some credit cards do include an insurance called Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which covers damages to the car but check the fine print. No credit cards on the market cover personal property or your liability. Surround’s driving coverage increases your liability coverage to $100,000.

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