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Sullivan, Garrity & Donnelly Insurance and Surround Insurance Announce Agency Appointment

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Sullivan, Garrity & Donnelly Insurance and Surround Insurance are pleased to announce a distribution partnership to sell insurance starter packs designed for Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Sullivan, Garrity & Donnelly Insurance (“SG&D”) has selected Surround Insurance to offer its innovative insurance product that fills the gap for consumers between college graduation and a first major purchase like a car or home. The Surround Insurance Starter Pack covers common risks faced by asset-lite consumers in their 20s and 30s. The first product includes coverage for driving rented or borrowed cars, biking, renting an apartment, and freelancing for 1099 income.

Patrick Diggins, Principal at SG&D states, “Millennials, and Gen Z behind them, are increasingly living an asset-lite life defined by renting, sharing, and freelancing. We’re excited to offer Surround’s innovative product to this underserved consumer through in the way they want to purchase insurance.”

Jay Grayson, Surround’s CEO further comments, “We’re excited to work with SD&D, an agency with over 100 years of heritage, and provide them with an innovative product wrapped in a beautiful digital experience. We believe independent agents and brokers play a vital role to help younger consumers navigate the complexity of risks they face in modern life.”

Surround Starter Packs represent a new category of lifestyle-based insurance. The coverages are matched to the types of activities that today’s consumers are doing and offered in a fast, simple, and accessible subscription-like product. In return, consumers save time, hassle, and money versus the competition.

More information about the offering can be found at

About Sullivan, Garrity & Donnelly: At SG&D Agencies, our client relationships are based on a level of commitment that builds and sustains long-term partnerships. We strive to provide guidance and service that is nothing short of exceptional – whether you need auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, or employee benefits. SG&D Insurance locations in MA can be found in Worcester, Chatham, Cohasset, and Hyannis.

About Surround Insurance: Surround Insurance is the first insurtech startup redesigning insurance products for modern lifestyles. The Company’s initial product is an insurance starter pack that fills the gap between college graduation and the first major purchase of a car or home. Surround distributes products exclusively through a network of independent agents. Surround Insurance is a managing general insurance agency based in Cambridge, MA.


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