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Freelance from Home

It's hard to know what's the right amount of insurance. We help you understand the different kinds of coverages so you can find (or create) the Pack that's right for your needs and budget. Learn about what's covered in each Pack with Surround. 

Driving Insurance

Drivers insurance is not part of this Pack.

Apartment Insurance

$5,000 Medical Payments to Others

If someone gets hurt in your apartment, this covers their medical costs.

$10,000 Loss of Use

If you can’t use your apartment because of extensive damage from an event such as fire or water damage, this provides you with additional living expenses.

$10,000 Personal Property*

Protects the belongings inside your home, such as furniture.

$100,000 Personal Liability

Protects you by covering personal injury and property damage. If you hurt someone or damage their property, your renters insurance offers financial protection if you’re found to be legally liable.

Biking & Walking Insurance

Biking & walking insurance not included in this Pack

Freelancing Insurance

$100,000 Professional Liability

This is a type of liability coverage designed to protect people working for themselves/who own their own business* against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing their professional services. There are a few exceptions for professions that are licensed (physicians, architects, and lawyers, etc.). This does not cover bodily injury and property damage claims.


Online, Phone, and In-Person Service

Local, Trusted Agents Assigned to Your Account

*$500 deductible