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Why sell Surround?

Surround is insurance that fills the insurance gap between college graduation and the first major asset purchase like a car or home. 

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Win and retain a new kind of consumer

Traditional insurance isn't right for modern consumers.  Surround Starter packs help you capture a client for life.

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Give your new producers access to the digital tools and new products they need to compete in a changing world


Benefits your clients want

Digital quote-to-purchase in less than 4 minutes

Modern coverages for driving, biking, renting, and freelancing

Insurance designed to follow their moving, living, and working activities

Here's some advice from our experts: 

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Why we need Insurance Agents for Millennials and Gen Z

It may seem counterintuitive, but insurance agents with digital business processes are the right fit for Millennials and Gen Z. 

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Insurance agents shouldn't be underserved customers

Carriers aren't giving agents the products needed to serve younger customers, making growth and agency perpetuation hard.

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The insurance industry has missed 10 million customers

The insurance industry only counts customers it already has products for. That misses out on a huge market the industry hasn't build for yet.


“We’re excited to be working with an innovative company that offers insurance products designed for the modern consumer. Surround has identified a growing trend with a need in the market, and has created a unique package of coverages to fit that need.”

Kaitlyn Pintarich


Berry Insurance


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