Traditional insurance policies are, well… traditional. ​

Person is surrounded by all the things they care about in life: work, transportation, money, health, and trying to find downtime.

Drive rented or borrowed cars?

Get non owner auto insurance starting at $45 per month.

Landlord pressuring you?

Learn how Surround covers you in the city. Packs with renter’s insurance start at $18 per month.

Common Scenarios

Driving > 

Do you need auto insurance when you borrow or rent a car?

Renters >

What if your neighbor’s apartment leaks and destroys your bed? 

Biking & Walking >

If you're hit by a car, can you cover the cost? 

Freelancing >

Are you freelancing for extra income?

Two cars waiting at a car sharing lot, like Zipcar.

Renting a car

Average cost with no injury: $12,500

Driver’s insurance can cover the medical cost of injuries and property damage you cause to others in a car accident. It can also save you money at the car rental counter.

Did you know?
Insurance is actually made up of a bunch of little insurances

Uniquely built for you

Here’s some benefits we offer over other insurance companies

Other insurance companies

Simplified language

Coverages for how you live, work, and move


Fast quote

Online, no annoying phone call, and 4 minutes to purchase



Follows you, not your address



We’re changing insurance, one Pack at a time


Easy pricing

Packs are $15 - $60, 
for everyone

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