Jay Grayson

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-founder
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Kate Terry

Chief Operating Officer
& Co-founder
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Brent Hayes-Hand

Chief of Staff

Philip Kwong

Principal Architect

Mel Rainsberger

Lead UX Designer


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"They're more excited about insurance than anyone I've ever met."

-Investor X (This is a compliment, right?)

Backed by industry insiders

Advised by C-Level execs

Assembled by a passionate team

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Assets to access

Modern consumers enjoy more options and choices than any other generation in history. The shift from owned assets to shared access gives them the flexibility to work, live, and move on their terms. It also leaves them exposed to an unprecedented level of financial uncertainty.


Traditional insurance was not built for them.


Changing the world

At Surround, we're reinventing age-old insurance products to serve these new consumers. We're with them as they reach for their dreams with insurance that feels designed for them. We're angel- and venture-backed by insurance and technology veterans who share our vision for a whole new world of customer-centric, technology-enabled insurance.


Our members are changing the world; we’re changing insurance. 

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