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Welcome to Surround!

Most insurance is built around something…

A car, a home, a family, maybe a job you might retire from in 20 years. But that’s not how younger consumers are living today. People who rent, share, and freelance deserve protection too, but it’s too confusing for them to set up insurance when they need it, and too expensive even when they’ve figured it out.

At Surround Insurance what we protect is you. Renting or borrowing a car? No problem. Renting an apartment? We’ve got you covered. Even freelance work has risks, and we can make that worry go away.


Surround makes it easy to rent, share, and freelance with confidence because our insurance is built around you.


Kate Terry
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Kate has nearly 20 years of insurance experience. She's worked in a variety of product management, operations, and executive leadership roles. She's licensed to sell insurance in 30 states and holds a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation.
Jay Grayson
Jay believes that everyone deserves great insurance. After overseeing customer experience at a major insurance carrier, he saw up close how younger consumers are living differently than the generations before them. He co-founded Surround with Kate to modernize insurance around the new ways that people are living, working, and moving.
Stephanie Borman
Vice President, Partnerships and Growth
Experienced marketing and communication leader for hyper growth brands.
Philip Kwong
Principal Architect
Philip is an experienced software engineer who is heading the effort to build secure, easy to use, customer-focused product solutions at Surround.
Mel Rainsberger
Lead UX Designer
Mel Rainsberger is Lead UX Designer with over 20 years of experience in the field. Mel is an expert in all aspects of the UX design process, from research and user testing to wireframing and prototyping. They have a keen eye for detail and are known for their ability to create beautiful, intuitive interfaces that delight users.
Danny Sullivan
Software Engineer
Danny works as a software engineer to help make the customer experience as efficient and seamless as possible, making sure the customer can get whatever they need as soon as they need it.
McKenzie Hughes
Chief of Staff
Mac works with the leadership team to streamline processes, implement systems, and optimize cross-functional performance across the organization. She is passionate about creating value, solving problems, and enhancing employee experience.
Eric Blatchford
Insurance Agent
Eric has over 16 years experience in the insurance industry as an agency owner, property adjuster, and independent agent. He specializes in personal auto, homeowners insurance, and commercial policies. Eric holds a property and casualty license in 29 states. 
Michael Springer
Insurance Agent
Licensed in 49 states and with 16 years experience, Michael has worked at USAA, Geico, Root, and Insurify. He loves finding solutions to complex and non-standard insurance needs. And he'll Will absolutely geek out and explain every coverage if prompted (you will never leave the call not knowing what you have, what you should have in the future, and most importantly, what you don't currently have.)
Megan Gable
Insurance Agent
Megan loves talking to people, helping people get insurance that fits their life.
Michelle McCormic
Customer Service
Michelle helps customers find answers and make buying insurance easier.
Chris Sienko
Summer Intern
Finance and Entrepreneurship Student at Northeastern University

"They're more excited about insurance than anyone I've ever met."

-Investor X (This is a compliment, right?)

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