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Renters insurance

Insurance that follows you

Easy insurance for your stuff, even when it leaves the apartment.

Get a quote in under 10 minutes with an agent

Living room with a bike, couch, and a view of the outside world

Protect yourself with renters insurance*

*Also known as apartment insurance

If you’re robbed

Pays for your stolen stuff inside and outside of your apartment

If you’re

Your stuff is even covered if it’s stolen outside your apartment

If your home is damaged

Water is the #1 cause of damage inside a home/apartment

If someone is hurt at your place

Your guests are covered if they have an accident in your home

If you need a place to stay

Have money for a hotel when extensive repairs render your apartment uninhabitable

For commuters and alternative transportation

Covers your bike, injuries, and lost wages if you’re hurt by an uninsured or underinsured driver.


Do you have a spare $1300?

Average cost of a burglary in 2017 for more than 1.3 million people, according to the FBI

Questions? We’ve got some answers.

Here’s answers to some of our most frequent questions.
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What happens if you’re robbed?

Insurance college students need

How do you know if you need renters insurance?

FYI: Coverages + Terms

Surround’s apartment insurance, also called renters insurance, follows you and helps you out if your stuff is stolen or damaged.
It also provides liability coverage for an accident in your apartment

Personal Liability

Protects you by covering personal injury and property damage. If you hurt someone or damage their property, your renters insurance offers financial protection if you’re found to be legally liable.

Personal Property

Protects the belongings inside your home, such as furniture.

Loss of Use

If you can’t use your apartment because of extensive damage from an event such as fire or water damage, this provides you with additional living expenses.

Medical Payments to Others

If someone gets hurt in your apartment, this covers their medical costs.

More coverages from Surround

NOA Insurance

Follows you on rented and
borrowed cars.

Starts at $52 a month

Biking Insurance

Covers you from injuries and your bikes if stolen.

Starts at $52 a month

Apartment Insurance

Protects your stuff. Also covers you in an accident in your apartment.

Starts at $18 a month

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