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Surround Insurance and GO Announce Partnership

Collaboration to “Bring Your Own Insurance” designed for new vehicle ownership alternatives

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 5, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Surround Insurance, a national independent insurance agency catering to first-time insurance buyers, is announcing a strategic partnership with GO, the U.S. leader providing the most affordable alternative to traditional car ownership. Together, they have developed an innovative Bring Your Own Insurance (BYOI) program for GO customers.

The BYOI program allows GO customers to receive expert advice on their insurance needs and explore comprehensive coverage options tailored to their requirements. The partnership empowers customers to make informed decisions about their car insurance, ultimately providing them with better protection and peace of mind.

Jay Grayson, CEO and Co-founder at Surround Insurance said, "We are thrilled to partner with GO on this groundbreaking initiative. Our goal is to provide GO customers with the best insurance experience possible, offering personalized advice and coverage options that align with their unique needs."

Michael Beauchamp, CEO and Founder at GO added, "Our partnership with Surround Insurance not only benefits our customers by offering them more insurance choices but also reinforces our commitment to offering the most convenient and affordable car ownership alternative in the market."

GO customers can expect to see the benefits of the BYOI program rollout in the coming weeks. The collaboration underscores both companies’ dedication to enhancing the customer experience and providing unparalleled service.

About GO

GO is a tech-enabled car platform providing 1000s of customers with the fastest, cheapest, easiest alternative to traditional car ownership. Order a car 100% online in minutes and save up to 25% per month. Cars are offered by top manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, and Jeep. All cars include factory warranty, title & registration, and roadside assistance. Apply in minutes with a driver’s license and some basic information.

About Surround Insurance

Surround is simply the best way for consumers to start their insurance journey. Based in Cambridge, MA, the Surround team is passionate about transforming the insurance experience for consumers driving innovation in the modern economy. Surround combines expert advice with personalized insurance products to deliver customer-centered experiences at national scale.

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