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We offer fast, easy, insurance...and then there's sloths on the website. Why?

Scroll down to read about our favorite slow moving arboreal neotropical xenathran mammal.

Sloths and armadillos are related!

Sloths are related to anteaters and have their own unique order called Pilosa. 

Together with the armadillos, which are in the order Cingulata, pilosans are part of the larger superorder Xenarthra.

They live their whole life in the trees

Sloths don’t really leave their tree homes (except to poop), but they can swim. 

They move so slowly, algae grows on them! 

Algae and sloths have a friendly, symbiotic relationship. Studies have shown the sloth's long fur creates a comfy home for the algae.


The algae readily absorbs the water sloths need to thrive and they also eat the algae, which provides a much-needed source of nutrients.

Giant sloths

There used to be giant ground sloths that weighed several tons and stood 12 feet tall.


Today, most sloths are under 3 feet in length. 

Ok, sloths are cool.. but why sloths?

We admire an animal that isn't what it seems. The sloth is slow with horrifyingly long claws, but is actually small, efficient, and cuddly.

It's kinda like insurance—it has an adorable side that's not always easy to see. Sloths definitely have a better agent than insurance, though.

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